The Wise City – summer school

2015 / 0 comments

From smart to wise To widen the debate about the future of the sustainable city and the focus on developing ‘Smart Cities’, the conceptual notion of The Wise City creates space for discussion about the paradigm shift and essential assets The Wise City should entail. What is needed for and in the Wise City is tested…

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WijWillenWonen in WoenselWest

2014 / 0 comments

WijWillenWoneninWoenselWest is a series of informal gatherings for potential and future residents of the new housing in Volta Galvani, Woensel West. The aim is to bring together an active, involved and socially close group of future neighbours, consisting of buyers, tenants, original and new residents of Woensel West, who are to share responsibility for ‘their’…

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