Expedition ‘Mind the Gap’

2016 / 0 comments

A fieldwork expedition in the framework of ‘Mind the Gap’ a study and exploration of future societal developments concerning growing inequality, segregation and polarisation within the province of Noord Brabant, the Netherlands. Mind the Gap is initiated and commissioned by Brabant Kennis. In collaboration with Anne van Strien, I developed a tandem bicycle equipped with…

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New Skyline of Eindhoven

2009 / 0 comments

NEW SKYLINE is a spatial research exploring the influence of food culture in the urban landscape and a reflection on an artificial hill next to Eindhoven which was created out of dumped garbage. The hill is in use as a leisure area,  with a golf course and biking trail, where young couples enjoy the skyline of…

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2008 / 0 comments

TEA – a social experiment as part of a design research on the use of public space in the Kanaalstraat, Utrecht. This street, with her many exotic shops, is becoming more and more popular amongst a young, highly educated and often creative group of people and is therefore the lively heart of the gentrifying district Lombok. Much…

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