Isis Boot is a human geographer and urban designer with a focus on social design and bottom up research. Graduated in 2011 from the Design Academy Eindhoven at the department of Man & Public Space and Urban & Cultural Geography at the Radboud University of Nijmegen (masters 2016). For five years, Isis Boot was chair woman of stichting VERS, a foundation concerned with the local urban development of Woensel West, which she co-founded during her studies at the Design Academy.

“My toolbox contains both creative, practical and conceptual skills that complement as well as challenge each other. This website gives an overview of my activities, findings and interests and the different disciplines in which I operate and that I am aiming to connect. As such I move through the fields of Social Science, Writing, (Social) Design and Urban Renewal Practices.”

Key words:

Social Design | Participation | Bottom up | Social sustainability | Gentrification | (Soft) Urban Renewal Practices | Urbanism | Home & Belonging |