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A traveling storytelling installation that projects shadowplay at the urban surface. 2023 Presentation and participation at Light festival Glow ‘The Beat’ – traveling along bordering villages 2023 Presentation and participation at ‘Dag van het Licht’ / Day of Light – Vitalis Vonderhof 2022 Winner Glow Talent Award – Professional Jury price / Vakjury prijs 2022…

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Landmakerskabinet presented during the NOVI lancering 2020


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The ‘Landmakerskabinet’ is an installation of (fictive) tools that support ways of working on a future, more sustainable, cooperative and holistic practice and environment. It makes complex challenges tangible and manageable in a visual and slightly humouristic way. As such, the ‘Landmakerskabinet’ provides language and images to address the thresholds and pitfalls in the practice…

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Tracking Traces in the Public Space

2017 / 0 comments

Urban Studies Summer School – University of Vienna Workshop design, guest teacher and author Toelichting volgt / Text to be added

Expedition ‘Mind the Gap’

2016 / 0 comments

A fieldwork expedition in the framework of ‘Mind the Gap’ a study and exploration of future societal developments concerning growing inequality, segregation and polarisation within the province of Noord Brabant, the Netherlands. Mind the Gap is initiated and commissioned by Brabant Kennis. In collaboration with Anne van Strien, I developed a tandem bicycle equipped with…

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Building for Biodiversity

2015 / 0 comments

A research project on nature inclusive urban development and architecture on a case-study in Amsterdam, Cruquius island, organized by ARCAM (Amsterdam Architectural Centre) and DS Landscape Architects. In this context I was part of a multidisciplinary team of architects, biologists, (urban) designers, historians and landscape architects who were collaborating in gaining and sharing (practical) knowledge…

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In current society, time is regarded as being scarce. We prefer to use it as economically as possible. Thanks to all kinds of technologies, we combine as many possibly activities in as little possible time. Even our hard-earned spare time is meant to be enjoyed as intensely as possible, not five minutes are to be…

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New Skyline of Eindhoven

2009 / 0 comments

NEW SKYLINE is a spatial research exploring the influence of food culture in the urban landscape and a reflection on an artificial hill next to Eindhoven which was created out of dumped garbage. The hill is in use as a leisure area,  with a golf course and biking trail, where young couples enjoy the skyline of…

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