Home is where the heart is


A qualitative investigation in the transnational experience of ‘home’ among Turkish migrants in the (Southern) Netherlands. How dynamic has, since migrating, this meaning of ‘home’ been proven throughout the years? And how space-specific is home to someone whose life takes place across borders? Can a sensation of home be carried in a particular object or place, or in a taste, a scent, a memory, a family member or a good friend? How is this transnational sensation of ‘home’ influenced by developments in media, mobility and communication technology, which are becoming increasingly prevalent in this day and age? I discussed these questions with eight experience experts of varying ages. The photographs show examples of objects or places that these interviewees brought forth and represent the meaning of ‘home’ to them, each in their own way. 

Bachelor thesis | Radboud University of Nijmegen | pre-master Human Geography

homeobject Cimen

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